Airplane! ★★★★

Truly one of the best comedies ever. I miss these types of comedies. I’d say Lord & Miller sort of make them but no one else really springs to mind. The comedy in all these Leslie Nielsen movies and even things like Hot Shots is just different. It’s not improv, it’s not gross-out humour, it’s not constantly referencing pop culture, it’s just taking a well-known premise and doing the dumbest possible shit with it, yet in sort of a smart way. 

I feel like a lot of recent spoof movies have been bagging on the movies they’re spoofing, whereas in the 80’s it felt like they came from a place of love.

I think the Jump Street and Lego movies are the best recent examples where they have this same line, but there’s also this other thing where nowadays they’re too meta. Airplane! perfectly finds the line and gleefully dances on it. 

There are so many memorable gags, from “don’t call me Shirley” to the bit where they’re all queueing up with various weapons, to the bit with the kid in the cockpit. Some of the humour is a lot darker/more inappropriate than a lot of comedies at the time, which for me personally makes it hold up even better. The jokes all just land (wahey).

I dunno, it’s hard to quantify or describe but there’s just something to this era of spoof/parody movies where they captured lightning in a bottle, even going back to Mel Brooks movies from the 70’s, that people just don’t seem to be able to capture today.

I’m not saying I could do this, but in a dream world I’d love to try and bring this genre/style back if my filmmaking career were to take off. 

Just a really silly, joyful time all round, and it’s not too long either (don’t).

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