Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★


This movie is so big in its scale, themes, ideas, execution, budget, production value, cast, action, memorable moments, villain etc that it's difficult to even compare it to any of the others.

I came away from this feeling overwhelmed with varying emotions, thoughts and questions, but what I'm certain of is that THANOS IS THE MCU VILLAIN WE'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.

Yes some of the tone is inconsistent due to other groups of characters being in different situations to each other and yes sometimes it can feel a little jumpy with everyone being in different places, but for the impossible task that this was for the Russo brothers, they delivered the best movie they could've.

The only real problem I had with the film is a choice that a character makes, which is kind of two problems because I don't think the character would have made that choice but it also meant that something monumental that was going to happen didn't happen, and it felt like the writers didn't have the balls to do what they were setting up to do.

Oh, and also there are I think 2 times when characters could potentially kill Thanos but they wait too long or make a stupid decision that lets him get away.

Other than that, this was an absolute blast. The action was exciting and well shot, with new tech and weapons that we haven't seen before keeping the fights feeling fresh.

Thanos is not only a completely badass villain who makes you genuinely fear for the heroes' lives (which is so rare), but he's complex, emotional, layered and you can also understand his motivations for doing what he's doing. He isn't just trying to be powerful for the sake of being powerful, which I was worried might be his drive.

The humour was used at times that seemed appropriate and didn't really undercut dramatic moments, and produced a few very funny moments.

I need to take a couple days and maybe another viewing to properly gather my thoughts with this one, but if you've enjoyed the previous Avengers movies then you're sure to love this one.


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