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If the first It was a coming of age film disguised as a horror, It: Chapter Two is a guys on a mission movie. 

I can’t speak for fans of the book as I’ve never read it, but fans of the first film will surely find a lot to love with this.

From Bill Hader’s grown up portrayal of Richie to some of the most batshit insane imagery you’ll see for a while, It: Chapter Two has laughs and scares in equal measure. 

And when I say ‘scares’ I should clarify I mean jump scares specifically. This isn’t a film full of genuine suspense or horrifying ideas, but one that instead focuses more on shocking its audience with the outlandish ways in which Pennywise chooses to manifest himself.

There’s something I’ve heard about from the book that I’d have loved to have seen and I’m bummed wasn’t in the film, but it’s spoiler territory so I won’t go into any more detail than that. 

It’s cartoonish at times, is longer than it needs to be due to lots of unnnecessary flashbacks, and uses humour/jump scares as a crutch when there’s not a whole lot going on plot-wise (Pennywise’s cousin?), but its charm is undeniable. The film isn’t afraid to just know what it is and lean into that hard, and in that there’s a lot of fun to be had.


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