Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★½

I have thought about my disappointment surrounding this film for the past week or so and have drawn the conclusion that Wright’s films - if not at least co-written by Simon Pegg - just feel one dimensional and flat (except for Scott Pilgrim but that was based on existing characters and lore).

You cannot deny his style, vision and overall talents as a director, but I think he needs Pegg to make his characters likeable, memorable and fleshed out. Further proof of this are the Simon Pegg-written Spaced and Paul - which both have characters I care about more than this and Baby Driver (I dig Baby Driver, just the action, soundtrack and editing; not the story or characters).

I’m not saying it has to be Pegg, but the co-writer here didn’t do a brilliant job in my opinion and Wright and Pegg clearly work wonders together. I just don’t think Edgar is that good of a writer. Should have been called Edgar Direct.