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  • My All American

    My All American


    Decent enough movie.

  • The Cloverfield Paradox

    The Cloverfield Paradox


    Decent enough movie with a great cast. Maybe not enough of a solid idea and too many loose endings. Worth a watch as its on netflix though.

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    Gary Oldman is superb. Its just a small slice of Churchill which is why it works because its hard to ignore the rest of his history.

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    I really enjoyed this movie. Not quite as much as the first one but well worth a watch for non stop action. I somehow forgive things in these two movies that I wouldn't in other action movies but I guess that's what this movie is all about.

  • The Bourne Identity

    The Bourne Identity


    One of the very very very few times where the movie series is better than the books. I love the music in this, the first of the series, and the action and plot was still fresh without the need for tanks and the like from the last.

  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


    Very decent movie. Great cast and a fun little watch.

  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

    The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies


    Starts well, dies in the middle but the end is decent.

  • Cartel Land

    Cartel Land


    Just wow. I did not expect this doc to go in the directions it did. Well worth a watch.

  • Jerry Before Seinfeld

    Jerry Before Seinfeld


    Really enjoyed this from Jerry Seinfeld. I really like his current work with Comedians in cars getting coffee, and this felt similar. Laughed quite a bit at certain parts.

  • Only the Dead See The End of War

    Only the Dead See The End of War


    The end of this doc has 10 minutes of the most harrowing minutes of film I've ever seen. But overall worth a watch.

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Beautiful. Full review to come but might have to watch it again.

  • The Accountant

    The Accountant


    Actually liked this movie. Definitely worth a watch - plus happy with the ending which says a lot because I definitely thought it was going in a different direction. Few weird moments and tone shifts but mostly very good.