6 Guns ★½

Film School Drop Out Challenge - Week 38 - Genre - Western - Post-50s Revisionist Western

A gang hellbent on revenge heads to the house of a retired sheriff and kills him, his two kids, and leaves his wife for dead. But she survives and seeks help from a bounty hunter.

Certainly not a unique plot but in and of itself that's okay. The real problem is it's pretty low budget, especially from the actors. I had never heard of any of them before and many have apparently only been in this and maybe a couple other Asylum films, so that's never a good sign. The lead female (Sage Mears) is not great in her role. She has never learned to shoot a gun so she wants the bounty hunter to teach her. When he finally does, even her successful shots appear less than convincing, often holding the pistol as if it will bite her if she squeezes too hard. And her character had to deal with terrible tragedies but she is not entirely convincing in her grief throughout the film. The bad guys are generic bad guys but don't do anything to instill fear in the hearts of men or anything. And our hero is the strong and silent type but ultimately Barry Van Dyke's portrayal of such is rather boring. It's not the worst film ever or anything but I would not expect much when sitting down for this one.