Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★½

2018 Cult Movie Challenge

Week 36 - USA Up All Night Week
Progress - 29/52

What an odd film that doesn't really even feel like it belongs to any one genre. I guess it's horror primarily, but it's not really something that is going to frighten you. But a teenager who absolutely is obsessed with movies starts to lose it and begins treating his entire life like it's a movie, with unfortunate consequences for his enemies.

I really like the million movie references in it, and it was fun to see how many I understood. Also makes me realize I need to see White Heat so I'm going to try to remedy that quickly. Dennis Christopher does a really good job in the lead role - he's weird, quirky, silly, pathetic, and yet somehow endearing.

The movie feels very raw though, and at times seems to struggle with what direction they want to take things. It starts off pretty slow, and there isn't much character development except for the main character. Some supporting characters drop in and then disappear for large chunks of the film, especially the weird psychologist guy who spends his free time playing the harmonica and assisting the cops.

I'm glad to have seen it, but it feels a bit too weird for me to say it's something I would revisit anytime soon. And I'm not sure I can recommend it to non-movie friends for fear of them assuming this is how I live my life.

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