Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II ★★★½

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 27 - September 2020

7. Stephen King has been involved with a lot of movies, you should go watch one

It's objectively not close to as good as the first, nor does it really do much to reinvent the story. But I loved Clancy Brown's performance as the overbearing stepfather (both pre and post transformation) so much that I ended up really enjoying this a good bit. His wild eyes and crazy actions were so entertaining, and that dinner scene where he's laughing maniacally with food dripping out of his mouth, the kids staring at him and laughing nervously, is just so good. I have a feeling upon rewatch I'd probably question what I was thinking, but at least this time through, I really did enjoy this. It does come close to overstaying it's welcome, so I think they could've afforded to cut a bit of time out, but still worth checking out.