Slugs ★★★★

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 17 - November 2019

18. Trashy horror movies can be fun or god awful. Let's hope Bleeding Skull got it right! You have to pick a movie from this list:

Well Bleeding Skull definitely got this one right - it's a ton of fun! Slugs are gross but they hardly move at all, so let's take that sense of grossness and give them teeth and make them move at a reasonable pace and also hang out by the thousands and all of a sudden I want nothing to do with them. There are some awesomely gross scenes where the slugs have attacked people or been ingested and are working their way out through any orifice possible. There's a questionable dubbing, some mediocre acting, and Frank Braña in a minor part, a man who appeared in both other JP Simon movies I've seen and absolutely made the Pod People MST3K episode the greatest of all time. I definitely want to rewatch this because I dozed a bit towards the end just out of being tired, but it will definitely be worth it. Glad to finally have checked this one off my list.

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