The Dentist ★★★½

I've got a dentist appointment next week so this is about as good a time as any to check this out, courtesy of Tubi. I sort of assumed it would take a comedic approach like Dr. Giggles but was pleasantly surprised that, while ridiculous, it's not just chucking around jokes or anything. Corbin Bernsen is really great as Dr. Feinstone, a talented and successful dentist who realizes his marriage is falling apart and goes off the deep end. His emotional swings and irrational justifications for questionable dentistry practices were pretty convincing and impressive in a sick sort of way. It's always a good time to have Ken Foree in a film too, and a young Mark Ruffalo has a cameo as a talent scout for one of Feinstone's patients. It looks like the sequel is on Tubi too, so I guess I better check that out!