The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★½

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The Sawyer family is back and they're winning chili cook-offs and terrorizing local DJs. A somewhat crazy deputy picks up his own chainsaws and takes off in pursuit to put an end to their mayhem.

Apparently Texas Chainsaw Massacre had some comedy that was just missed by critics and viewers. I have no idea where that comedy was because it's a truly terrifying piece of work, and so while this one embraced the comedy aspect pretty much from the get-go, it never really cranked out the horror at the same pace. There were a couple decent gory and bloody parts but it wasn't nearly as terrifying as the first movie. Bill Moseley is pretty hysterical, although I did get a bit tired of him towards the end. But when he first shows up he absolutely steals the show. I'm also partial to Jim Siedow, returning as Drayton Sawyer - it's kind of amazing to me that he didn't really do any other movies other than these two.

While I would've enjoyed it more if it just stuck to horror and didn't go into the comedy realm, it's by far the best of the franchise after the original of what I've seen, and I can't imagine the others I've missed surpassing it.

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