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  • Crisis



    Not a great Bergman film. But, I am glad I finally watched it.

  • Get Rollin'

    Get Rollin'


    Loved it. Loved it.

    I will watch it again and again. Have a look at that awesome poster and then go see it.

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  • Blood Lake

    Blood Lake


    Li'l Tony will steal your heart and then try to get in your pants. (If you are a lady.) Tony is the star of this wonderful slasher from the heartland of America. Six teens go to a lake house for a long weekend. A man with a strange predilection for purple dress shirts with charming embroidery begins to kill them.... after about an hour or so. Most of the film is spent with the kids as they hang out... drink,…

  • The Suspicious Death of a Minor

    The Suspicious Death of a Minor


    You got your giallo in my poliziotteschi! No! You got your poliziotteschi in my giallo, chump!

    It doesn't matter. Everybody wins and it tastes delicious.

    Sergio Martino's final giallo is one I never really knew about until the Arrow Blu-Ray came out. Now, it's all I think about!* I had heard that in this one he mashed his giallo up against his poliziotteschi. (A word I always have to look up for spelling.) Being a big fan of BLAZING MAGNUM,…