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  • The Night Brings Charlie

    The Night Brings Charlie


    This one's a very charming late Second Wave slasher about a guy in a mask with goggles running around killing people. It's got some gory killings, some nudity, some fun characters (especially the dispatch lady at the Sheriff's office) and a few twists that I didn't see coming. At 76 minutes long, it's just the right length. It doesn't outstay it's welcome. And it has that great, slightly odd looking, late 80s/ early 90s "shot in Florida" look to it. You'll know what I mean when you see it.

  • Bloody New Year

    Bloody New Year


    I like the general craziness of Bloody New Year. It's actually a sci-fi movie set during the summer, which used to bug the hell out of reviewers back in the day. We're much calmer now. (Well, I am.) The movie is filled with imaginative zaniness, some wonderfully surprising setups and the best theme song ever. The only problem I have is the one I have with every one of Mr. Warren's films: There's no sense of pace at all. Things…

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  • The Suspicious Death of a Minor

    The Suspicious Death of a Minor


    You got your giallo in my poliziotteschi! No! You got your poliziotteschi in my giallo, chump!

    It doesn't matter. Everybody wins and it tastes delicious.

    Sergio Martino's final giallo is one I never really knew about until the Arrow Blu-Ray came out. Now, it's all I think about!* I had heard that in this one he mashed his giallo up against his poliziotteschi. (A word I always have to look up for spelling.) Being a big fan of BLAZING MAGNUM,…

  • Dead Mate

    Dead Mate


    The man's name is Straw. I'm in!

    This is a wonderfully weird one set in Upstate New York about a very odd town. Sort of a variation of an EVIL TOWN or DEAD AND BURIED or RETURN TO SALEM'S LOT-type thing. There's something weird going on with newlywed Nora Mae and her mortician husband. And every other single person in this town. The title kind of gives it away. But, I won't.

    I'd seen this one ages ago and remember…