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  • Blood Lake

    Blood Lake


    Li'l Tony will steal your heart and then try to get in your pants. (If you are a lady.) Tony is the star of this wonderful slasher from the heartland of America. Six teens go to a lake house for a long weekend. A man with a strange predilection for purple dress shirts with charming embroidery begins to kill them.... after about an hour or so. Most of the film is spent with the kids as they hang out... drink,…

  • Dead Mate

    Dead Mate


    The man's name is Straw. I'm in!

    This is a wonderfully weird one set in Upstate New York about a very odd town. Sort of a variation of an EVIL TOWN or DEAD AND BURIED or RETURN TO SALEM'S LOT-type thing. There's something weird going on with newlywed Nora Mae and her mortician husband. And every other single person in this town. The title kind of gives it away. But, I won't.

    I'd seen this one ages ago and remember…