Aquarius ★★★★

Aquarius is a very impressive film. Languid in pacing, but righteous in tone. It is built on an amazing performance by Sônia Braga, and a love of music. Aquarius has the best use of Queen in a film since Shaun of the Dead.

The film has a cool and effortless sheen; it is sexy, explicitly so, with fleeting memories, and half-seen encounters. But it is also a political piece of cinema. Like a female-led Leviathan. As a construction company clashes with Sônia Braga's character, over her refusal to sell her apartment to developers.

The film is a deep character study, emotionally complex, with an all-time great performance by Sônia Braga. It is Isabelle Huppert, in its willingness to apply the correct performance for the material.

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