Blue Collar ★★★★★

If there is a better American film from the 1970s than Blue Collar, then I haven't seen it. It is as political as All the President's Men. It is as funny as The Last Detail. It is as indignant as Network. It is as harsh as Taxi Driver. It is as energetic as Mean Streets . It is as nihilistic as Five Easy Pieces. It is as clear-eyed about industry as Chinatown. It is about the union and the bosses; it is Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel and Yaphet Kotto. It is furious and working class. It is as good as cinema gets. It is another Paul Schrader masterpiece, but his most vital film. Hilarious, incandescent, mournful.

They pit the lifers against the new boy and the young against the old. The black against the white. Everything they do is to keep us in our place.

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