Justice League

Justice League ★½

It was probably unfair of me to watch Justice League directly after watching Zack Snyder's Justice League, but I doubt there is much time or space that could make this film better. I will give it one positive, its plot is arguably easier to understand than Snyder's. Snyder, despite hours of exposition, is slightly confused over who and what. Joss Whedon's version of the story is very clear. He was told to bring it in under two hours and he did and it all makes sense. So there is that.

Most everything else is horrible. Even the scenes that were shot by Snyder don't feel correct in this film, the colour grading, or the music cue, or the height of the frame, or how they are introduced or exited are all wrong. Whedon brings a 90s glibness to the film that is really quite annoying. He has tried to turn Snyder's film of myths and legend and gods and demons into a Marvel film and has managed neither. He likes his characters to argue and banter and this is not that story. He has drawn glasses and moustache onto Snyder's film in the name of comedy and it feels rather depressing to watch.

It has the hallmarks of vandalism, not a creative solution. I wonder if the joke to Whedon was the output, rather than comedy he inserted. Whedon's humour feels old and tired now. He really attempts to bring a humanity to Snyder's solemnity but misses the mark badly. He misjudges so much.

I wonder if I would have felt like this in 2017? I doubt I would have liked the film, but I have had a reasonable amount for Whedon in the past, and you never know, but post-allegations and general dismissal of Whedon, I think I probably watched it at the worst time for him and for the film.

Justice League really is the monument to disastrous studio filmmaking. It has no idea what it wants to be, it has no idea what it wants to achieve.

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