Pig ★★★½

I thought Pig was a great Nicolas Cage performance, in an all right film. The film may grow on me, but at this precise moment it wasn't quite what I was hoping for. There was something flat about the storytelling, yet it was all pure melodrama.

I loved the scenes of weird, almost cosmic, Americana that appeared out of nowhere - the underground punching contest - but I don't really understand where they came from and why they mattered. I could have embraced more of them, more of the curious pacing and offbeat impulses, but the filmmaker settled into a rather trite storyline of fathers and sons and grief all-encompassing. Truth, certainly, but hardly the stuff worthy of Nicolas Cage.

The anti-climatic ending was both interesting and bold, and rather disappointing.

Cage is both genuinely great in the film and also Nicolas Cage great in the film. He is still the California Kinski. The Nouveau Shamanic range is undiminished. The performance is more than it is being described. It is not Cage being serious, or engaging with the material, or anything else that minimises his previous work. It is just another great performance in the last decade, in the Cage register. I loved it, I wish the film was able to let him go all the way.

I really liked the film, but I liked Cage more.

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