The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

The Nice Guys is a tremendous amount of fun. Firstly and mostly importantly, it is a tremendous amount of fun. It feels like pure Shane Black. His pre-occupations and themes are filtered throughout; buddy cops, smarter-than-the-adults kid, comic violence and a lot of heart. He almost sneaks a Christmas scene in as well. It may be pornstars, corruption and private detectives, but The Nice Guys is a really light film. It has enough weight to be thoroughly engaging, but it is fully aware of its sense of absurd. It is in the fine lineage of The Last Boy Scout; Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, and Black does not decide to add anything else to the mix. It is just another film, in the style of film that Shane Black makes. And long may he continue to make them.

Ryan Gosling has never been better. His world's-worst-private-detective is a drunken delight, shambling from one scene to another, never too proud to fall over. Gosling does a great line in slapstick comedy, and absolutely owns the film. While, Russell Crowe has never been this likeable before. He hasn't been this good in an age.

The film looks great, the LA photography is layered with 1970's aestehetic to fullest effect, but it is never overdone. A little more The Long Goodbye, than Boogie Nights, but really just another Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang.

The Nice Guys is going to be insanely rewatchable, I would expect. Like The Last Boy Scout and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. It is always going to be a tremendous amount of fun.

More please, Mr Black. A sequel, please.

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