A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

A really emotional and suspenseful horror film that succeeds largely on the backs of the great familial drama lying beneath the horror and the fantastic performances from John Krasinski (who also impressed greatly as a writer and director), Emily Blunt, and Millicent Simmonds. A PG-13 family horror blockbuster with such sparse dialogue comes off as a very ambitious move to me. This film totally could’ve turned out to be a critical darling but a bore among audiences and yet they overcame the hurdles that many slow paced films with little dialogue have to jump through to reach a wide audience. I applaud this movie’s commercial success and I’m glad it found such a wide base. 

There are a few too many cheap jump scares like the raccoon one or Emily Blunt’s hand hitting the window but in general the horror elements are really well done and this movie is tense as hell. This is one that reddit kinda started tearing apart for perceived plot holes but when it comes to anything dealing with a sci-fi or horror premise that would likely not occur in the real world, I can always suspend my disbelief and love the film despite some apparent inconsistencies. That being said, I think this film is a lot smarter than some people seem to believe. On this rewatch I still really enjoyed it and didn’t notice any glaring problems that took away from the experience. 

It’s definitely better in a dark theater on a huge screen but I was glad to return to this one. Cautiously optimistic for the sequel because I like how this film ended and I don’t know where they’re gonna go from here, I feel similarly about Baby Driver. But John Krasinki really impressed me acting wise and on the directorial front, it’s full of heartfelt family moments, amazing performances, cool creature design, and a few great thrilling sequences. 2018 was a great year for horror and though this is not my favorite (because Suspiria exists), it’s a very worthy addition to the genre.