Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

just in case cause I’ve seen the spoiler tag not work on other reviews in the past. Here is my updated MCU Ranking List, I added Endgame and shuffled around a lot of the movies. 

Endgame still wowed me to an incredible degree. Seeing it a second time, I had just as much fun anticipating the amazing moments that I had already seen. Cap wielding Mjolnir was perfect, Thanos dying in the first 15 minutes and the 5 years later thing, that really shocked me the first time around and on a rewatch it was such a smart way to tell the story. Thematically, this feels like the most authentic and genuine of any film in the franchise. It’s the only one that I personally feel has sincere finality and consequences. 

The entire third act is just so stunning in every way. Amazing character moments, callbacks that feel wholly earned as opposed to cheap fan service, some of the best visual effects I’ve ever seen, a great score, and fantastic fight choreography. 

Iron Man’s snap and the silence that followed in my theater, it was more moving this time around for me. His death was pulled off really well. But Cap’s retirement is my favorite moment just because I’ve been waiting for him to have his dance for years and I love that he finally felt comfortable saying his mission is completed and going back to where he belonged with the woman he loved. Passing the shield to Sam was also a touching moment and leaves me excited for the future of the MCU. Sam is an interesting character but I’ve never felt that we have had enough time with him so I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

I love how every character had at least one fun or exciting moment. The flashes we got of characters like Hope and Scarlett Witch and Black Panther have me so excited to see these ones step up and have more screentime and more central stories. It’s amazing how overstuffed Age of Ultron feels compared to this movie when it has easily three times the characters. 

The only death that confused me, though it did move me quite a bit, was Black Widow sacrificing herself. Both times I watched, I thought it would’ve made more sense to have Hawkeye make the sacrifice but I also understand that it would’ve felt rushed to close his story there because we barely spent any time with him recently after his absence from Infinity War. I am still excited for Widow’s solo movie but I was hoping it would be a present day or future story as opposed to a prequel. 

I loved all the unexpected cameos like Robert Redford and Tilda Swinton and in general the sequence in 2012 New York City was so fun and well crafted. Easily the most fun moment in the film just because of the way it fit with the end of The Avengers so well and had so many great bits like Cap in the elevator hailing Hydra and the comments about America’s Ass

I loved this film from start to finish on both watches. I think it could maybe be 10 minutes shorter just for the sake of audience members who don’t like sitting through something this long but I personally don’t mind devoting that much time to a film. I do think it could’ve shaved off a bit of time but personally I’m fine with what we got. A fantastic battle sequence, great acting, a perfect closing chapter to Infinity War and this era of the MCU in general. 

I’ll be seeing it again next week as my girlfriend didn’t come today and she still wants to see it so I’ll be back with likely very similar thoughts in a few days. Trying to help it beat Avatar.

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