Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure ★★★★★

It’s amazing that a movie this dumb can be so clever. The writing is so hamfistedly silly that it comes around to being really intelligent. I really loved this movie. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are absolutely hilarious. I can already tell this is a movie I’m gonna rewatch a lot. 

I love when a comedy film actually has an interesting premise, a trend that is unfortunately less and less prevalent today with the landslide of Appatow-esque films that pretty much entirely hinge on comedic actors improvising randomly quippy lines because there’s no plot to be found. I don’t even hate all of those movies but I always love a comedy with an interesting concept, this one is very fun and silly because the premise results in a lot of whacky hijinks on its own and the film doesn’t entirely rely on Alex Winter and Keanu saying funny things because funny things actually happen. Not to say they aren’t funny in this movie cause they’re great and the line delivery really never got old throughout the film. 

That homophobic slur after they hug caught me off guard but it’s really just a sign of the times more than anything else, not to defend the use of the word but I don’t think this film is malicious in any way, just ignorant of the weight of that word as many people were when this film was released. The rest of the movie has a very love forward message about being “excellent” to each other and that isn’t lost throughout the time travel shenanigans and the funny dialogue. 

Tons of quotable lines, I will forever call Socrates “So Crates” after seeing this. I think quotables are the key to a comedy movie being ageless and this one’s loaded with them. Napoleon getting lost at a water park called Waterloo is comedy gold. Sigmund Freud eating a corn dog is comedy platinum.

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