Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

“The D is silent hillbilly.” 

One of my all time favorites and I saw the SteelBook for only like 10 bucks at Best Buy so I had to cop it. I’m heading back to school for the year on Thursday and our friends wanted one last movie night, half of them hadn’t seen it so it was a fun time. 

So bloody, fun, and beautifully produced. It’s a really entertaining movie but I also have always appreciated how honest it’s portrayal of the slave era south was. The movie doesn’t hold back from showing the most disturbing and horrifying aspects of what was happening at the time. 

I very recently logged and reviewed this film so I won’t go too in depth but I think it’s my favorite Tarantino release. I love pretty much everything about this movie and I’m glad to own it for myself now.

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