Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal is a profoundly moving story of a metal drummer, played in a career best performance by Riz Ahmed, coping with hearing loss. This is one of the year’s best films. It’s a masterful experiment in sound design, with a strong script written and executed with a lot of sensitivity to the issue at hand, and the performances are excellent all around. The final moment of this film really stuck with me.

Knowing that many of the actors involved were deaf or hard-of-hearing and that the film reportedly had subtitles as a default in theaters and virtual cinemas speaks volumes of the amount of care that went into getting this story right.

Sound of Metal is the most emotionally compelling narrative film I’ve seen this year, it made me tear up and if you know me you know that is rare. Ahmed’s performance and the story both struck me significantly. The filmmaking is beautiful as well, lots of stunning sound design and the shot composition was great.

If there’s any movie this year which should not slide under your radar, this is the one. It’s immediately a top pick for the year, and I hope many more people see it.

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