Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy

I admire Kelly Reichardt’s restraint in storytelling so much. Her films are so thoughtful and they just feel extraordinarily special in a movie climate of maximalist blockbuster Marvel fanfare. Not that I don’t enjoy those movies, because I definitely do, but it’s so pleasant to have someone committed to telling these earnestly human stories with no frills. 

Discovering Reichardt’s films has also been revelatory in the sense that I hadn’t paid much attention to what Michelle Williams was doing with her career and now I am all in on her. She’s been fantastic in all of these movies and they work very well together.

Wendy & Lucy is a very sad film, but it is tonally and stylistically right in line with her other works. Reichardt’s films are so deeply American, and regardless of the themes or setting (which can span centuries from movie to movie), they all feel like they’re just stories of real American people facing the hardships of the real world. Humanism is ingrained in all of her work, and the empathy I feel for the characters is something few other filmmakers have pulled off this well.

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