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  • Clerks



    The MPAA originally gave Clerks an NC-17 rating, based purely on the film's explicit dialogue, as it contains no real violence, and no clearly depicted nudity. This would have serious financial implications for the film, as very few cinemas in the United States screen NC-17 films. Miramax hired civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz to appeal the decision and the MPAA relented and re-rated the film with the more commercially viable "R" rating, without alteration.

    —Wikipedia for Clerks

  • Bulworth



    “Is that how white people rap?”

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    “My uncle says we live three times as long since man invented movies.”
    “How can that be?”
    “It means movies give us twice what we get from daily life.”

  • The Gleaners and I

    The Gleaners and I


    Agnès Varda’s first Instagram story