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  • Conquest



    Throw this one into the dungeon synth film canon. Tremendous.

  • Deadful Melody

    Deadful Melody


    Exactly the kind of movie you need when it’s after midnight, the edibles are wearing off, and sleep is just around the corner. Totally fine if you’re dozing in and out because every waking moment something crazy is happening or being said and the amount of fog in this movie is equal to the amount of fog in your brain after a very long week/month/year.

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  • Housewife



    Perfect movie to throw on after midnight and you’re sorta tired but not really, so the nightmare logic really seeps in and you have not much clue to what is happening until it happens and the windows are open and the rain starts coming down hard and you’re sitting in the dark wondering “what the fuck am I watching?”

    If the names Bava, Argento, Lovecraft, Fulci and Barker are of any interest to you, this steals from them all and…

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    Larry Fessenden licking cat food off a spoon is the type of subtle detail that makes him one of our greatest living character actors (of course he’s a terrific director as well, but just gotta point out this fact).

    Overall, this is exactly what you would expect a Jim Jarmusch zombie movie to be. Weird, loose, a little funny, a little boring, but you stay with it because he has it stunt casted with all of his friends, he’s really…