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  • The Police Connection

    The Police Connection


    Few things bring me more joy than sleazy 70s cop movies set in LA (or NYC). Chuck Connors and Neville Brand are perfect sickos in this cool little Mr. B.I.G. flick. If you dig stuff like Busting or Bare Knuckles, definitely peep.

  • Midsommar



    If anything, I hope this leads the non-horror crowd to watching The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Wicker Man and they see just how much richer the source material is.

    I’m all set.

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  • Housewife



    Perfect movie to throw on after midnight and you’re sorta tired but not really, so the nightmare logic really seeps in and you have not much clue to what is happening until it happens and the windows are open and the rain starts coming down hard and you’re sitting in the dark wondering “what the fuck am I watching?”

    If the names Bava, Argento, Lovecraft, Fulci and Barker are of any interest to you, this steals from them all and…

  • Relentless



    I often imagine a world where Bill Lustig ended up directing True Romance. He has publicly stated that it was a heartbreaking ordeal to essentially be bought out of preproduction once Tony Scott became interested. Watching Relentless with this now in the back of my head, I can’t help but think about what Lustig‘s version might have been like. Fucking awesome probably.

    Two things to sell you on Relentless: Eddie Bunker plays a cop. Judd Nelson has maybe the wildest…