The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man ★★★½

If you know nothing about this movie, then I recommend watching before reading anything at all should you be so inclined.

The happiest surprise of The Invisible Man was how much it didn’t conform to my expectations. I was thinking wacky hijinks with special effects that were amazing for the time. While there is a bit of that, the selling point (for me) was the surprisingly intense violence. If it isn’t a horror movie by contemporary standards, it still gets a lot closer than the majority of films from the early ‘30s.

There’s also Claude Rains, whose vocal mannerisms progress from stressed scientist to deliriously unhinged, but smoothly enough to sell the transformation. Further to the plus, there is excellent Whale direction, and a 71 minute runtime forgives a lot of sins.

I do want to note there are interesting cultural things going on with a prideful scientist whose undoing is that he couldn’t read German.

I’d be remiss, I feel, if I didn’t mention the lovely snowy image that provided the template for my favorite Three Amigos joke.

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