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  • Superman II


  • Superman


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  • Superman II

    Superman II


    And here I thought Clark was supposed to be at least a little smart. I don’t understand why he would choose to give up his powers the way he did. Doing something so drastic and life-changing is noble and romantic, but why not just move in together? Or get a cat maybe? He shouldn’t have forgotten that Lois fell in love with Superman first. Isn’t that essential part of who he is worth hanging on to? If not for the powers, then for her feelings?

    No reason he can’t be both: A Clark Kent on the streets and a Superman between the sheets.

  • Superman



    This film is crazy and/or awesome for so many reasons:

    It opens with newsreel-type footage of a child reading from the first comic book appearance of Superman. In the Superman movie.

    Marlon Brando, despite being in only about 20 minutes of the film, is given top billing. Above Gene Hackman even.

    Christopher Reeve somehow didn’t get above the title billing in his own film.

    It was co-written by the author of The Godfather, Mario Puzo. What else was he going…

Popular reviews

  • The Poseidon Adventure

    The Poseidon Adventure


    One of the quintessential ‘70s disaster flicks and it’s thrilling to boot. Gene Hackman gives one of his best performances and Ernest Borgnine is right up there with him as his bickering compatriot. Once this thing gets going it doesn’t let up for anything. Not for a breath or even anybody’s death.

    Each tragedy hits harder than you might expect; these characters become dear quickly. I found myself tensing up whenever they got closer to freedom and feeling crestfallen when…

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    This was so much and I feel that I hardly grasped everything I saw.

    What I do know is how visually brilliant this film was. There were ideas and experimentation like I haven’t seen in a film in a long time.

    I also know that it was deeply moving. The journey to the end ensures that, by the time you get there, it’s almost impossible not to be a hollowed-out, blubbery mess.

    I can’t wait to watch this film again.…