Recount ★★½

HBO's political biopics seem to get better over time with Too Big To Fail and Game Change. Recount, though acted very well, just didn't really ever engage me. It's slow pace and long run-time were a bad combination and the story just wasn't exciting enough compared to the films mentioned previously.

The way in which they were happy to go about having recognisable faces to play real people but not have the confidence to show the actor playing Al Gore was worthy of a sigh. It is as if they thought the audiences might think 'wait that's not really Al Gore - this film is a lie' was very disappointing, especially when the film contains many recognisable characters such as David Boies (Ed Begley Jr) and Warren Christopher (John Hurt)*. Hurt's accent really didn't sound much like Christopher's either, barely even American - so eyebrows are also raised about how much the producers rushed through the filming process and chose big names rather than actors who would suit the part.

Overall I'm a bit dissapointed given how much I have been enjoying HBO produced Biopics lately, but it isn't the worst film, by any means. I think the Recount had enough news coverage at the time and so this film doesn't really offer anything new.

* - I'm not an American, I just find American politics overwhelmingly more interesting than England's.