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  • Venom



    I mean, this was not good, but Tom Hardy is actually GREAT in it (as he is in most things, but this especially) and he looks to be having fun as he somehow holds this ridiculous, ill-plotted thing together by sheer force of will. There were bits of dialogue that I was laughing so hard at (not jokes, mind you) that I couldn't believe made it to screen, and the CG Venom design was like a big old lump of black nothing. It is what it is though, and I didn't expect much. It was dumb fun. Whatever.

  • The Allins

    The Allins


    This documentary, focused not on GG Allin but the people (mainly his mother and brother/bandmate Merle) who loved him. Oddly sweet, sincere, and sad - by focusing on his personal relationships and how they've carried on instead of his outrageous stage show, this movie managed to do the seemingly impossible: humanize Allin. WTF?

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  • The American Meme

    The American Meme


    It was interesting enough that I didn't want to turn it off, I guess, but it didn't really go all that deep or really do anything at all besides just tell you who these people are and give you the *tiniest* glimpse into the life of a social media "influencer" which apparently consists of them mostly complaining about being a social media influencer.

  • Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs

    Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs


    Aside from the copious amounts of UFO footage, the real star of this documentary is its subject - an enigmatic and charming (if not slightly-unhinged) man obsessed with horror movies and the strange lights he's been filming in the sky. My favorite docs are always about people - focusing in on the infinitely complex way they try to fit into the world - and in that regard, Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs certainly resonated with me.