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  • First Man

    First Man


    The family drama stuff didn't really work for me (I get why it's there, I just didn't think the film needed it) because the space stuff was WAY more interesting and had me on the edge of my seat! Both the Gemini 8 sequence and the entire Apollo 11 sequence were shot in such a way I was basically having a panic attack - mainly, once we get on the rocket, we stay on Ryan Gosling for the duration of…

  • Halloween 5

    Halloween 5


    [Halloween rewatch 5 of 11]

    The last third of this movie was pretty fun, even if the whole thing was just a set up for ANOTHER sequel. The rest of this was basically just Dr. Loomis manhandling a child while screaming "WHERE IS MICHAEL, WHERE IS HE??" over and over again.

    Also, this is the 3rd film in the series so far in which Michael Myers drives a car. Dude likes to drive.

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  • The Killing of a Sacred Deer

    The Killing of a Sacred Deer


    Disquieting and stilted dialogue + shots that are framed and tracked so well that they would make Kubrick blush + a violent (often explosive) string score + a self-contained world that operates with Lynchian nightmare logic = one strange, haunting, and (occasionally) funny movie. While it sometimes drags its feet, moving along at glacial speeds, it is all in service to the mounting tension and sense of dread that dominates this amoral morality play. And to stick with the allusion, like a glacier too, the ending to it was eventually unstoppable. An unsettling experience, sure, but it is one with merit.

  • Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs

    Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs


    Aside from the copious amounts of UFO footage, the real star of this documentary is its subject - an enigmatic and charming (if not slightly-unhinged) man obsessed with horror movies and the strange lights he's been filming in the sky. My favorite docs are always about people - focusing in on the infinitely complex way they try to fit into the world - and in that regard, Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs certainly resonated with me.