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  • Life, Animated

    Life, Animated

    Sometimes I try to do things, and fail. Sometimes simple things like making breakfast and then burning my hand or catching the train more than an hour away, getting lost, panicking, then catching the soonest train back home. It really was an experience, to see a film with so many moments that I can connect to, not only as a film/Disney fan but as someone on the autism spectrum as well.

    Like Owen, Disney films have been a huge part…

  • Storks



    The final ten minutes of this are pitch perfect. Overall, Storks manages to be good old-fashioned entertainment with some truly charming and likeable characters breezing their way through set piece after set piece, each of which manages to increase the stakes and be incredibly (and surprisingly) well put together. Also Pigeon Toady is amazing.

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  • Fantasia



    Fantasia? More like, Fantastic!

    ...Sorry 😔

  • Adaptation.



    A meta scene about how meta this film is wrapped in a meta movie that is sometimes, sometimes not aware that it is a filmic representation of both the script and the screenwriter who also just so happens to be the protagonist of the piece. Adaptation sometimes comes across as a little to cutesy for its own good, but to be honest, it's kind of a miracle that it's not like that it's entire runtime. Instead it's a rather sweet…