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  • Begone Dull Care

    Begone Dull Care

    The first thing you'll notice watching Begone Dull Care is the multilingual
    opening credits; the simple choice of inclusivity right off the bat speaks to the potential of animation to be universal. Too often in the modern animated industry there is an over reliance of specific and modern references stuffed into an already tightly-packed runtime and a cacophany of obnoxiously loud sounds to appeal to the broadest possible demographic, fairly often to the detriment of the story told. Here, the…

  • Joker



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Todd Phillips wants a pat on the back for watching Martin Scorsese films: the movie. 

    A handsomely mounted production. The cinematography, score, set design, and dedication to replicating the early 1980s heavily carry this; along with Joaquin Phoenix’s performance of course. The heavy reliance of iconography from undoubtedly better Martin Scorsese films Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy only succeed in taking Joker so far in its lofty goals of being a “brutal, honest portrayal of a man’s descent…

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  • The Fabulous Baron Munchausen

    The Fabulous Baron Munchausen


    Just the right amount of weird and fascinating, the use of tinted frames and quick cuts make this really bold and exciting. As an animation junkie, I loved the use of animation to add scale and depth to this carefully presented world. The narrative structure is episodic in a similar way that Disney’s Pinocchio is; loosely connected tales of grand adventure with a select group of characters as the audiences guides. Unfortunately outside of the titular Baron Munchausen, the rest of the cast of characters are either blank slates or not deftly defined; and the overarching narrative suffers a bit for it.

  • Substance


    This is well intentioned and I think it has some powerful acting, but the music choice is overbearing and doesn’t necessarily work in favour of the complex issues of drug users and the effects on their families. It would’ve been more powerful to be put in the moments of conflict instead through dialogue and tone instead of the way it is presented here, which feels too produced to be meaningful.

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