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  • The Juniper Tree

    The Juniper Tree


    Had this naturalistic fairytale been done in the original Icelandic tongue I guess it would have been even more believable and emotional to me as I found the accents a little out-of-place, but as a film this is a minimalistic and stark cold one about survival and tragic consequence. Had only that kid been more sympatetic and likeable. At least Björk is magnetic as always and is the film's heart and centerpiece.

  • Summer with Monika

    Summer with Monika


    After the hot and burning summer filled of sex and desire comes the cold and cruel winter of hate and bitterness. The baby is to blame. The film that kick-started the genre of Swedish sin and porn by showing the audience the briefest moment of a cute female butt.

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  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


    One of the most audience friendly, action-filled and plain fun western that has ever been produced with priceless and breathtaking use of the camera. The phenomenal music and Eli Wallach steals scenes whenever he appears, but Lee Van Cleef also does his outmost to outshine everyone. A true "ecstasy of gold" film

  • Reisen til julestjernen

    Reisen til julestjernen


    Enormously dated theatrical movie adaptation of beloved play that never manage to do anything truly magical or special with the story. It survives purely on nostalgic value and a few famous tunes. Hanne Krogh is totally out of her comfort zone when attempting to do any form of acting. Kids of today will decide for the remake every single time as the pacing is also at a snail’s pace.