The Terminator

The Terminator ★★★★★

I try not to give biased reviews to things I already love out of respect to the 'BOXD, but holy shit, this movie just flies.

That screenshot of the fake Arnold face when he's removing his eye that the internet likes to make fun of? The scene looks fucking awesome. The rhino from Black Panther looks worse and that movie got a Best Picture nomination 34 years after this. Also, I was very specifically and oddly disturbed by the curved robot-skeleton feet walking on the metal stairs. Unnerving!

Loved the little touches of other machines throughout -- the garbage truck when Arnold arrives, the answering machine, and even (of course) the hydraulic press at the end. Small little bits of banal, utilitarian mechanical advances sprinkled around this out-of-control technological endgame that tramples everything.

The plot could've been super-weighty, but they barely get into it until well after you're hooked on the action - even Sarah's waitressing scene is tense! - and even then the explanations are super-interesting and creative. The scenes with the doctor also feel like James Cameron flexing as if to say, "you could probably enjoy this movie without me telling you how thoroughly we've thought all this through, but here it is anyway." The movie *never* cops out and says "no one's gonna care why this one thing is the way it is, just get on with it." Such a rich concept executed in a B-movie / guerrilla-filiming style that amber-preserves the retro-future material perfectly.

Legit lol at stonefaced Arnold walking into the police station and saying "I am a friend of Sarah Connor. Could I see her please?" Enjoyed the piano version of the opening theme that plays during the love scene, like the 'Fox NFL Injury Music' version of itself. 

Driving a Jeep Renegade through Mexico with a cool-ass German Shepherd is very much, as us 400 year olds on Instagram say, 'a mood.'