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  • Take Shelter

    Take Shelter


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A twisted Noah's Ark story that casts a damning light on the American healthcare system; in the audience, you somehow feel that Michael Shannon's hero has more chance against the apocalypse than he does being a poor man in need of medical care.

    Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted and even the ambiguous ending seemed well judged.

  • Winter's Bone

    Winter's Bone


    It's like True Blood IRL.

    An it's-grim-down-south quest story superbly acted by Jennifer Lawrence and the other more grizzly cast members. At times, the film feels like it's going to stray into horror territory but it never does; each scene is perfectly judged and it has one of the best closing scenes I've seen in a while.