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  • Les Misérables

    Les Misérables


    This is done in a way only a french filmmaker could ever do it that might cover the whole thing with an overly familiar veil for most of its runtime yet it is worthy given where it leads at the end.

    Before arriving to a powerful ending which makes its point in a crystal clear way, the day we spend in the life of this neighbourhood is enought to get to know the main players in what it seems a…

  • Wolfwalkers



    The story is quite didactic and predictable but the greatness relies on the originality it is told, the directors find an enthusiast way to cover different themes, from the value of nature, religious fanaticism, the banality of evil, oppression, freedom, liberation and even what it feels like to experience something new for the first time, and I might be stretching it a bit but also about identity and body. It is all told in a warmth, graceful way that makes for an impressive viewing, the animation itself is a trip, as it plays with perspective and dimensions, feudal Ireland never looked this dynamic.