Annette ★★★½

I think it takes a while for this movie to align all of its elements, assume its identity for a tumultuous ride with rapturous moments. Before the famous Annette is introduced and the scene of the poster takes place I though Carax was, with a couple of exceptions, showing scattered ideas of the potential for this material.

Deliberately, the introduction of the couple feels at arm's lenght, which paints their relationship as a rollercoaster, in broad strokes, Carax's notorious extended scenes feel sort of disenchated in their way to hold the eye in the moment, the plot clumsily try to put its hands on cultural topics like MeToo without going anywhere with them, worst of all are the stand-up segments. I think it is only when the baby is introduced that Carax finds a way to enhace the whole concept and project it into that new element and finds its tone, for once its distant attitude makes sense showing little effort to convince what's happening on screen. It all becomes pathetic and astounding, raw and bleak, with characters singing how their hearts are broken while giving the allusion that some unseen presence is pulling their strings, depicting a world that seems real and superficial.

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