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  • Funny Ha Ha

    Funny Ha Ha


    Initially saw this Funny Ha Ha in college and found it to be mostly insufferable. Since then I've developed a series of monastic habits as a method of staving off boredom, anomie, and all those tangental-to-despair feelings because really: they don't teach you how to handle those things in academia. So when Marnie makes a list of objectives and goals to accomplish - minor attempts at self-improvement like limiting her drinking and learning how to play chess - the fuzzy…

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    DOC Films, The University of Chicago student-run film society, has developed a reputation for botching their projections. Their screening of Singin' in the Rain last night continued that tradition, with two reel changes provoking impromptu intermissions as they corrected sound and image issues. Normally, I would have found this agitating but I was a little buzzed from a couple of beers earlier in the evening following my book club. So instead of being mad about it, I just laughed at…

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  • I'm So Excited!

    I'm So Excited!


    Almodóvar's gayest film. Let THAT sink in.

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    There's something truly enchanting about this film.

    Two sequences absolutely shook me to my core:
    1. Students watching a projected video of, apparently, the origins of life. A late coming student, a girl, is seen trying to get a seat as a boy observes her, marking a moment of first physical attraction with the sounds of rain, thunder, and lightening crashing.

    2. The cross cutting between a father telling the story of his unrequited love while his daughter goes on…