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  • Yojimbo



    Wow, I am quite honestly at awe at the incompetency that Kurosawa brings to the table. This is an abhorrent, vomit inducing, incoherent piece of detritus. Not only is this one of the worst ripoffs of a western of all time, but also one of the worst and most tedious viewing experiences I've ever had to endure. This is a complete waste of talent, time, effort and space, simply put an utter failure in every single department. The characters are…

  • The Exorcist

    The Exorcist



    May the power of Christ grant you peace.

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  • The Lion King

    The Lion King

    Go home...

    And watch the original.

  • Brazil



    Is there a trippier Christmas movie?

    Also, why am I laughing at something so dark? I'm genuinely terrified.