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  • Persona
  • Stalker
  • The Meetings of Anna
  • Wings of Desire

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  • Solaris

  • Nowhere

  • Red Desert


  • Yojimbo


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  • Solaris


    Love veneers a thin line between tenderness and destruction. When losing that ethereal feeling, you seem spiritually lost. Trying to reenter painful memories, makes you feel all the more disillusioned and chaotic. The longing and concept of time seems to lose sense of all meaning. Sometimes it might remind you of how your mother's face felt, but the vision is often blurred. Love causes us to question our fate or whether we're seeing mere reflections of our past.

    What is really the full capacity of grief, could it take over someone's consciousness entirely?

  • Nowhere


    A psychedelic vision of mass culture, hyper-stylized bastardization of youth. Bleakness and violent impulses in contrast with innocence & inaction. Post modernist statement on the absurdity of nihilism, wrapped in this addictive spiral of everlasting doom and garish camp. Perfect 2 am watch!

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