2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey

I finally watched it! One of the best horror films of all time!

I know when people talk about jump cuts they think of 'Breathless' but the cut from the bone to the spacecraft is flawless.

Also, I know most people view this movie as a commentary on evolution and technology, but my interpretation is a bit different so hear me out.

I think the film is a meditation on mortality. The monolith looks sort of like a graveyard to me, it appears at the start and foreshadows his death. Dave needed to accept his own failure and come to terms with the process of ageing. In the end, he is willing to let go of his mistakes (human error), sacrifice his soul to god and a purer form of human existence is born (baby). The psychedelic final sequence serves as a tunnel vision where Dave has a near-death experience. He peacefully lies in bed in order to allow God to take his soul once the graveyard (monolith) appears. This is just my personal interpretation.

Anyways this film transcends a rating and will be lingering in my mind for quite some time to process wtf just happened! I definitely need a rewatch.

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