Knives Out ★★★

Well, that was okay. I laughed here and there and I guessed wrong who the „murderer“ was. 
But in the end I‘ve seen so many of these movies that I don‘t really care about the identity of the murderer any more. Besides that it‘s a film that is shot beautifully, acted well and has a great, truly great production design. But many of these aspects disappear into thin air because it all feels messy. The character of Blanc (with a distractingly fake accent) is funny at times but never really fits in the plot. You have all these political statements that feel stuffed in just because the director wanted to. For example: in how far did the boy serve the plot and in how far was it important that he is a Nazi (as far as we are told)?
And after the tenth time when Daniel Craig leans into the camera to say something important I got tired. 
As I said, the acting is great and the cast is very impressive but it left almost no real impression on me.

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