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  • Vice



    The Star Room Cinema 

    Sure Sam Rockwell is incredible, but did the academy completely forget about Steve Carell’s incredible performance or something? 

    The way the film handled 9/11 was extremely impactful and powerful. I’m really desensitized when it comes to 9/11 like I’ve seen the worst possible footage, but I was overcome with an immense sadness and I just wanted to cry. 

    No denying this film is ambitious, but goddamn it’s so overtly biased and plays out like a hit…

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    The Star Room Cinema 

    Ok, listen I went in knowing all the problems surrounding the film, how much of a surface level answer to racism the film is meant to be, the writer of the film being a trump supporter (or at least co-signing the statement he made about Muslims cheering at the sight of the twin towers falling), and the overall historical inaccuracy regarding Frank and Don’s relationship (also Shirley’s family having their problems with the film). But goddamn,…

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  • Surviving R. Kelly

    Surviving R. Kelly


    The Star Room Cinema 

    β€œThe most disrespected woman in America, historically, has always been the black woman.”

    Fucking sickening, infuriating, grim, and soul crushing, but extremely necessary.

    Protect Black Women.

    Black Girls Matter.

    We need this mf underneath the damn prison. 

    Times Up R Kelly.

    Incredibly gripping, and insane.

    A mother reuniting with her daughter almost broke me.

    FUCK R KELLY. This foo need the electric chair.

  • The Mind of Jake Paul

    The Mind of Jake Paul


    The Star Room Cinema 

    I started watching these mini-series Shane’s been producing as guilty pleasure material, but they truly turned into captivating entertainment from the very first minute of that Tana documentary. 

    He’s truly found his niche. 

    Is Jake Paul problematic? Yes

    Are some of the things he’s done bad? Yes 

    Is he a human being? Yes 

    Is he a bad person? It’s more complex and nuanced than that. 

    Does he seem emotionally and mentally damaged, and also seems to…