The Perks of Being a Wallflower ★★★★★

The Star Room Cinema 

This movie meant so much to me in high school, still does. 

I’m so lucky I had a Paul Rudd style teacher in my life, a teacher that saw me, and really elevated me and made me confident in my self and my work. 

Living with manic depression, ptsd, and anxiety is hard, this movie is one of the few films that really gives an accurate depiction of those mental illnesses. 

The film never babies the audience, but it treats the difficult subject matter with so much care, respect, and delicacy. It’s just such a kind hearted film damn. 

This movie sees me, let’s me know I’m gonna be ok.

It’s like a warm blanket.

This film is perfect.

But fr how have these kids never heard “Heroes” by Bowie before smfh.

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