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  • Downhill



    this movie was such a delight. the blend of drama and humor fits the story perfectly. the overall story and themes about family really hit home in a powerful way. will ferrell shines as this loser dad and miranda otto is a comedic genius. but julia louis-dreyfus easily steals the movie. she is one of my favorite performers of all time, so it is inevitable i was going to enjoy this movie. it was a refreshing and interesting dramedy!

  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen

    i was extremely bored. i’m shocked that i wanted to leave the theater this bad. nothing worked for me. nothing at all.

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  • Us



    i LOVE this movie. jordan peele BRILLIANTLY directed and wrote a film where every shot, meaning, and line was purposeful. this script is unbelievable. and the performances. lupita is everything. she was unbelievable in every way possible. the child actors shine and winston duke is the perfect cool-awkward dad. this film balanced its tone to perfection and had so many deeper messages beneath the surface. the twist at the end i did not see coming and it was one of the best twists i have ever seen. everything made sense. i loved it so much.

    gay tag: lupita being everything.

  • After



    this movie is so horrible. did i love it despite this? yes. it’s so bad and so dumb and kinda hot and really entertaining. this was the best garbage i have consumed all year.

    gay tag: i wanted to be tessa so bad.