Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

It’s hard to accurately put into words how I feel after watching a film like this... I genuinely had a profound experience watching this film. The performances are incredible, the script is beautiful, the direction is powerful, and the sound design is some of the best ever captured on film. I also cried like seven times but that’s not that important. The reason why I believe I loved this so much is because of understanding. This film’s protagonist is a drummer of a metal band. To make a long story short, I’m not a drummer of a metal band, but I felt every single emotion that Ruben feels throughout the film. This is one of the best examples of a film not only letting the audience understand their protagonist but let them feel every single thing that they feel. It’s an incredible perspective film, and I adore this film for that. I feel like learning more about the Deaf community now. I feel like taking a moment just to listen to the world around me. I feel like taking time to just sit still. I feel like taking a deep breath and continuing to breathe. I feel like I should keep going. I feel alive. I loved this film. Like a lot. I love empathy. I love understanding. Movies are so damn cool. 

Note: I would’ve loved to see this in a cinema. It’s one of those films that you just sit with as the credits roll. I miss those experiences with strangers.

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