Moxie ★★★

Sometimes all you want to do is scream. We feminists know that feeling too well, and MOXIE manages to capture that. It’s a great concept to discuss feminist grassroots with zines. In the whole however, it falls quite short. I feel it’s trying to do A LOT, hoping it doesn’t fail in portraying intersectionality? But it doesn’t focus on the most interesting parts or more interesting characters. Which would actually achieve that more effectively. I feel like as a film that wants to centre the friendships and the power of communal action - I’d personally would have loved to see someone else on the centre of the story. I’d be interested to see perhaps Claudia and how her involvement in the movement develops in more detail. Or, not focusing on one character but all the girls that imputed in their high school revolution. There’s so many charismatic women in this story I’d prefer to follow all their journeys. Having followed Amy Pohlers work, it’s surprising it doesn’t dip into comedy. I was imaging a THE CRAFT/HEATHERSesque sort of thing. Punk humour right there. Having said all that, it is a lovely film about feminism and young women. I’m sure young audiences will appreciate it and perhaps will be introduced to the movement by it.

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