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  • Sound of My Voice

    Sound of My Voice


    Part of the No Rewatch November 2012 Project.

    I kept hearing people compare this to Martha Marcy May Marlene and since I was so crazy about that movie, I wanted to check this out, too. Unfortunately, a few minutes of watching tells you that the only connection between them is really a single word that doesn't go beyond a rudimentary concept. Still, I was looking forward to checking it out.

    While there are some interesting enough ideas about how to…

  • Dedication



    Part of the No Rewatch November 2012 Project.

    I've seldom seen a movie that was entirely on the back of a single actor more than Dedication was on Billy Crudup's back. His performance was the entire difference between it being good and bad. For the record, he was exceptional. I don't mean likable. No, he wasn't that. But he did put on quite a display.

    His supporting cast was a mixed bag. Diane Weist was wasted (as she usually is…

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  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life


    I'm convinced there's a Malick gene. Some have it and some don't. Some watch one of his films and are so moved they can barely speak and others watch the same film and can't believe they wasted all that time. This review is for those that have it or at least want to discover if they have it.

    Every single frame of this film is beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. I've never seen another film where the director…

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    "How was your date?"

    "My date involved two instances of extreme violence, one instance of her hand on my cock and my finger up her thing which lasted all too briefly, one instance of me stealing five grams of very high quality cocaine and one instance of me blinding a puffy little skinhead. So all and all, my evening pretty much evened out."

    In some ways, this is the film Guy Ritchie has been trying to make his entire career.…