In Bruges ★★★★½

"How was your date?"

"My date involved two instances of extreme violence, one instance of her hand on my cock and my finger up her thing which lasted all too briefly, one instance of me stealing five grams of very high quality cocaine and one instance of me blinding a puffy little skinhead. So all and all, my evening pretty much evened out."

In some ways, this is the film Guy Ritchie has been trying to make his entire career. It's focused where Guy is vague and delicate where Guy uses an iron glove. He didn't make it, though. And I'm guessing he's a little upset about that.

"You two are weird. Would you like some cocaine?"

The dialogue is fantastic in this film.

"I was on a very strong horse tranquilizer so I wasn't waving hello to anyone today"

The acting is phenomenal.

"You're an inanimate fuckin' object."

It's the most fun I've had with Ralph Fiennes in years.

"You've gone off me now just because I hit that fucking cow!"

Oh dear, In Bruges, I could never go off you.

"This town is a shithole. Even midgets have to take drugs to stick it."

"It's a fairy tale fuckin' town. How can a fairy tale town not be somebody's fuckin' thing?"

I don't know. I don't trust any of those people.

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