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  • The Bellboy

    The Bellboy


    In one of the most controlling eras of Hollywood, being able to do something so out of any standard has to be praised forever. Of course Jerry Lewis was one of the greatest stars of the period, but the achievement is still impressive. A series of sketches, almost no narrative, all in favor of elevating the physicality of the star. One might even argue about a supposed self-assertiveness, but Lewis is so brilliant that everything ends well justifiable.

  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    There is a brief scene near the end of this one, of only a few seconds that synthesizes the whole film. A zombie eating one of the military makes an expression of disgust when he realizes that he is chewing on his army insignia. The film has aged very well, it's even better than I remembered (since I saw it about 15 years ago). The spontaneity of the evolution of the disgust for humanity that Romero undergoes in this series…

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  • Sicario
  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    It never demonstrates any fear of being an antiquated piece of entertainment or having any limits on creating an original, new and over-the-top universe. It's the late 70's or 80's big studio blockbuster that Guardians of the Galaxy wanted to be, but couldn't. I guess that Warner only gives this kind of amount for Wachowski's flicks because they really hope they will, one day, make another Matrix sequel, since a movie like this one is a certain box office flop nowadays.