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  • Gerald's Game

    Gerald's Game


    Even without reading the book you can see that it is not something easy to adapt, but Flanagan still managed to get there. It gets a little boring in a few moments, especially when the focus is on the conversations between the two characters that are made of the protagonist's hallucination, but in moments of tension there is enough to enjoy. Gugino is terrific, especially in the final act. And that resolution, stuffed with gore, is really shocking.

  • The Priest and the Girl

    The Priest and the Girl


    It's a film that does not try to demystify, or bring anything into a chronicle of a morally unacceptable romance. All movements are strictly predictable, which even distance us from everything that is happening. All this could fall as negative aspects of the film, but Andrade plays precisely with these elements because he understands that they are not the focus of his work. On the contrary, it is a film that focuses on the form as a purely narrative instrument,…

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  • Sicario
  • Jupiter Ascending

    Jupiter Ascending


    It never demonstrates any fear of being an antiquated piece of entertainment or having any limits on creating an original, new and over-the-top universe. It's the late 70's or 80's big studio blockbuster that Guardians of the Galaxy wanted to be, but couldn't. I guess that Warner only gives this kind of amount for Wachowski's flicks because they really hope they will, one day, make another Matrix sequel, since a movie like this one is a certain box office flop nowadays.