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  • Evolution



    I have a theory that the boys are actually the child stage of development of the women, who are obviously evolved from some sort of water-dwelling race. The women mate together (the naked rumpus in the sand) but can't bring their young to term because of imperfect/rapid evolution weakening their adult form, so their artificially insert the babies into their younger and heartier child forms, who are exclusively male before reaching adulthood. They keep the boys in the dark because...well,…

  • Halloween



    Halloween 2018 is not a masterpiece, and some may feel it's very existence is repetitive and unnecessary. However, unlike most of the sequels (I think 2 and 3 are great) it feels like the movie that a was made by fans of the original, for fans of the original. What genre enthusiast hasn't sat with a few friends after watching a sub-par sequel to a classic, throwing out ideas for the better movie they would have made?

    The love shows.…

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  • Scarface



    Of all the garish cartoons De Palma brought to life, Scarface is both the most fully-realized vision and a perfect example of irony being lost on an audience. Tony Montana's status as a cultural icon exemplifies the fact that this film walked the razor's edge between satire and hero worship. How it translates for you will depend on your worldview, but what a fantastic delusion of grandeur to have if indeed you can relate to the doomed gangster.

  • Imitation Girl

    Imitation Girl


    Imitation Girl is a curious psychodrama that uses a science fiction premise to philosophically explore questions of gender and more. I really liked that the ambling plot followed its own flow, instead of hitting the safer/more similar beats of indie movies about self-discovery.

    It has the courage to disappoint by avoiding a conventional conclusion, though to be honest I thought this vision quest-esque sequence could have been a little longer. This is a good film, but if people go in…