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  • The Last Airbender

    The Last Airbender

    Oof. I'm going to put aside the writing, including the question of adapting the original series, because there are so many problems in that arena they could arena...uh, anyway. I'm leaving the writing out of it for now. Even if the script were perfect, the action (and really, most of the visual execution) and acting are so bad I'd hate it regardless.

    The action is not only poorly choreographed,* it's badly framed by the cinematography. Seriously, where the camera…

  • The Trip

    The Trip


    Part vision quest, part Jungian symbolism for being mad about divorce, part social satire. The Trip and The Intruder are proof beyond proof that Roger Corman is a lot smarter than most people took him for back in the day. Because of the nature of the narrative (written by Jack Nicholson [!]) it feels borderline experimental, though in a way I didn't find alienating. This is because the story focuses on a fairly normal person processing every day heartache, which…

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  • Tenet



    "What the hell, a five-star review?"

    "This review hasn't happened yet."

  • Halloween



    Halloween 2018 is not a masterpiece, and some may feel it's very existence is repetitive and unnecessary. However, unlike most of the sequels (I think 2 and 3 are great) it feels like a movie made by fans of the original, for fans of the original. What genre enthusiast hasn't sat with a few friends after watching a sub-par sequel to a classic, throwing out ideas for the better movie they would have made?

    The love shows. The choices made…