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  • Next Floor

    Next Floor


    A hilariously grotesque metaphorical satire that recalls the best work of Bunuel, Next Floor features the most raw meat I may have ever seen at one time. Those sausages looked pretty good, though.

  • Jack's Back

    Jack's Back


    This goofy-ass movie is so unpredictable I actually quite enjoyed myself. It presents itself as a regular, straight-faced murder mystery. But soon the supposed protagonist gets murdered as well, then some psychic twin shit happens and we have a TWIST and then A CHASE then ANOTHER TWIST. I was laughing at the audacity, yet I was riveted the entire time because I truly did not know where it was going. James Spader shines in duel roles.

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  • Halloween



    Halloween 2018 is not a masterpiece, and some may feel it's very existence is repetitive and unnecessary. However, unlike most of the sequels (I think 2 and 3 are great) it feels like a movie made by fans of the original, for fans of the original. What genre enthusiast hasn't sat with a few friends after watching a sub-par sequel to a classic, throwing out ideas for the better movie they would have made?

    The love shows. The choices made…

  • Blow Out

    Blow Out


    Blow Out benefits from an atypical mystery plot. Even if you're well-versed in the genre (as well as Antonioni's Blow-Up, which was a major inspiration despite Blow Out's lack of avante-garde conceit), the plot unfolds in twists that are neither pat nor predictable. This alone is a good enough reason to watch a mystery, but there's also DePalma's impeccable craftsmanship. A New York City which has not yet divulged its 1970s grime and a sumptuous score by frequent collaborator Pino Donaggio are used to the utmost effect by a director at the top of his game.