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  • Raja Hindustani

    Raja Hindustani

    Too much. Simply too much.

    Whilst there's beauty in Raja Hindustani's presentation of strangers falling into one another's hearts, in its exploration of love as a foolish act, of relationships as transcendent of all chaos that they may manifest, the excesses of this film are entirely overwhelming. 1000s of words could be written to describe just this, but consider only the fact that all the melodrama in this film reaches a climax of goons chasing a man with a new-born…

  • Evil Dead II

    Evil Dead II

    How can you not respect Evil Dead and Evil Dead II? Insane showcases of just how little a script can matter if a director and set-designer are willing to put their balls to the wall, these films are unabashedly incoherent and spectacularly surreal. Evil Dead II doesn't see Raimi's direction get too much better, but the scale of all else has exploded into a different state.

    That said, whilst I respect these films, I can't say I can actually step…

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  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2

    This is an awesome movie - the second best or maybe the best superhero film ever made (second to, or just beating out, the first Spiderman). There are a plethora of things that make this movie great, all of which come together as a perfect showcase of an epic melodrama. To start we have to look at Raimi's direction: utter genius. Spiderman 2 is, in my view, Raimi's Goodfellas. Whilst Spiderman isn't as polished and squeaky clean as Scorsese's mob…

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    German Expressionism in the 20s was distinguished from French Impressionism (a movement that manifested around the same time) via its means of constructing and projecting a cinematic space. Expressionism exudes its space outwardly whilst impressionism places the space within the audience; expressionism is emotionally received, impressionism is psychologically recognised. This is why impressionist films would have you stare at a face and question what thoughts reside within a character's head, or would have you piece together a space through association;…