The Bewitched Shepherd

With The Bewitched Shepard, we have a comedy film that is somewhat similar to Los Guapos del Parque (which is a brilliant example of a chase film by Chomón). What strikes me most with this film, however, is the final shot: the medium close-up.

This is something that you'd have a hard time finding in Méliès' films, and so is a demonstration of one of the key ways in which Chomón considered the form of his films seriously. In such, it is clear that Méliès thought predominately of the internals of his films and how they reacted with post-production (the editing), whilst Chomón managed all stages and levels of his production with greater dexterity; his narratives were often more complex, his tricks came in greater numbers and they were not just predicated on a cut or transition of some kind... more from:

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